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The Threat of Outer Space

A Ameaça do Espaço Exterior

Maybe in the 21st century, I think that humanity will experience some kind of invasion of the Earth by aliens, in limited locations, and several times.

But they will not be able to conquer us unilaterally.

In this context, showings of the movie “The Laws of the Universe – Part 1” – will lead to form some common consciousness about that.

The movie shows that there exist some types of aliens, whose ancestors came to the Earth a long time ago, to be integrated as earthlings, and who watch over their descendants for a very long time.

So not at all of the aliens want to conquer the Earth.

So I think partially there will be trials of invasion from space.

But, earthlings will not simply be at the mercy of their attackers, since there also exist forces in space, which protect the Earth.

So together they can protect our planet.

This is my point of view right now.

Then, how do will aliens try to invade us?

Some hegemonic military powers are assisted by the technology from space, but while they are thinking of being assisted, they will end up being controlled by aliens who plan to invade the Earth.

That is one of the scenarios we dread.

But, we can succeed in preparing for that, including with my lecture in Germany.

There exists a galactic Federation to protect the Earth, so invaders cannot occupy our planet in a unilateral way.



Talvez no século 21, eu acho que a humanidade irá experimentar algum tipo de invasão da Terra pelos alienígenas, em localidades limitadas, e por várias vezes.

Mas eles não poderão nos conquistar unilateralmente.Nesse contexto, a exibição do filme “As Leis do Universo – parte 1” – vai levar à formação de uma consciência comum sobre isso.

O filme mostra que existem alguns tipos de alienígenas, cujos ancestrais vieram para a Terra há muito tempo atrás, para serem integrados como terráqueos, e que velam por seus descendentes por muito tempo.

Portanto, nem todos os alienígenas querem conquistar a Terra.

Então, eu acho que parcialmente haverá tentativas de invasão do espaço.

Mas, os terráqueos não irão ficar simplesmente à mercê de seus

atacantes, já que também existem forças no espaço que protegem a Terra.

Juntos, eles podem proteger nosso planeta.

Este é o meu ponto de vista neste momento.

Então, como os alienígenas tentarão nos invadir?

Algumas potências militares hegemônicas são auxiliadas pela tecnologia do espaço, mas enquanto pensam estar sendo auxiliadas, acabarão sendo controladas por alienígenas que planejam invadir a Terra.

Esse é um dos cenários que tememos.

Mas podemos ter sucesso na preparação para isso, inclusive com minha palestra na Alemanha.

Existe uma Federação Galáctica para proteger a Terra, então os invasores não podem ocupar nosso planeta de forma unilateral.




Are you aware of the existence of intelligent life outside of Earth?

  1. Do you realize that many of our ancestors are aliens?
  2. The same God created many alien races in other planets.
  3. Good aliens and evil aliens exist in the universe.
  4. Earthlings have to know that we are not alone in this universe.
  5. Many aliens are living among us.
  6. There is a galactic confederation that is working to protect Earth from an invasion.


Think about it

 Pense a respeito disso

  1. What would you do if you found an alien in front of you?
  2. Do you really thought about being abducted?
  3. There is a huge country being controlled by aliens.



Write an essay words from the text.

Faça uma dissertação com as palavras chaves em negrito do texto










Choose the best option

What kind of thread is humankind facing in the near future?

1 – Risk of becoming a better place

2 – Risk of being extinct

3 – Risk of being attacked by aliens

Why do we need to be aware of alien interference?

1 – To be prepared to take the right measures to protect Earth

2 – To avoid making friendship with aliens

3 – To do not believe in any kind of alien

Why is Master revealing the Truth about alien to us?

1 – Because we don’t need to know about it

2 – Because the government are covering the Truth

3 – Because good aliens are contacting the Master

Why will Earth not be simply conquered?

1 – Because a Galactic Federation is protecting and helping the Earth

2 – Because Master will not help the aliens

2 – Because Humankind is not prepared yet.


Translate to Portuguese

1 – Evil aliens exist in the Universe.

2 – Aliens can Conquer the Earth

3 – “The Laws of Universe” movie shows the Truth.

4 – Some aliens are our ancestors.

5 – We are descendants of aliens.

6 – In Past, aliens lived on Earth

7 – Space Forces are protecting Earth.

8- Aliens are deceiving a big country.

9 – Together, we can protect our planet.


Traduza para o Inglês

1 – Existem alienígenas malignos no Universo.

2 – Os alienígenas podem conquistar a terra

3 – Filme “As Leis do Universo” mostra a Verdade.

4 – Alguns alienígenas são nossos ancestrais.

5 – Somos descendentes de alienígenas.

6 – No passado, os alienígenas viviam na Terra

7 – As Forças Espaciais estão protegendo a Terra.

8- Os extraterrestres estão enganando um grande país.

9 – Juntos, podemos proteger nosso planeta.


Good Luck (Boa Sorte)

Segue link para o vídeo no Youtube (Link to youtube video) https://youtu.be/edJzyVwqFuMhttps://youtu.be/edJzyVwqFuM